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DevPicker's Randomizer

Dive into the web's unexpected corners! Use our Randomizer and be surprised by a new website every time.

Why Donate to DevPicker's Randomizer: The Benefits

  • Increased Website Visibility: By adding your website to the Randomizer, you increase its visibility. Your site could become the next surprise destination for our users, potentially attracting new visitors.
  • Diverse Audience: The Randomizer caters to a wide user base, which means that your website can reach a diverse audience, from tech enthusiasts to casual web surfers.
  • Cost-Effective Promotion: For a minimum donation of $3, your site gains a spot on the random selection, providing a cost-effective promotional opportunity compared to traditional advertising channels.
  • Prioritized Placement: Websites added through donations are prioritized in the randomization process, increasing their chances of being selected.
  • Unlimited Submissions: A one-time payment allows you to add unlimited different URLs, offering more exposure for all your web projects.
  • Support an Innovative Service: By donating, you're supporting an innovative web service and contributing to the continued surprise and delight of users.
  • Enhanced SEO: More traffic directed to your website can potentially improve your search engine ranking over time.

Your New Favorite Random Website Generator

Have you ever wished for a tool that could take you on a thrilling journey through the World Wide Web? A tool that, with just a single click, could transport you to a random website? This is where DevPicker steps in. Our unique service, the Randomizer, injects an element of surprise into your browsing routine. It serves as a 'random website generator' that takes you to unexpected corners of the internet, introducing you to websites you may never have discovered on your own.

How it Works

The principle behind our Randomizer is straightforward yet powerful. When you click on the Randomizer button, it picks out a website from our extensive list. This 'random website' selection is entirely at the mercy of chance. One moment you might land on a blog about vintage cars, and the next you might find yourself on a web comic site. The Randomizer turns the immense expanse of the web into a thrilling lucky dip.

Benefits for Users

Our Randomizer offers several advantages to its users. It adds a dash of unpredictability to your web surfing, breaking free from the monotony of visiting the same sites every day. Think of it as a "take me to a random website" button that opens up a world of new content. You never know what you might stumble upon - perhaps a fascinating article, a vibrant online community, or a niche e-commerce store you didn't even know existed.

Benefits for Donors

Adding your website to our list comes with its own set of benefits. For a minimum donation of $3, your site becomes part of our 'random site' selection. This means that when a user clicks the "give me a random website" button, your site could be the chosen destination. This opportunity to reach new visitors and increase traffic makes our service a unique marketing tool.

Technical Aspects

The Randomizer is a blend of various technologies designed to offer a smooth and secure user experience. The 'random website' selection process is handled by server-side operations powered by PHP. On the front end, we use Bootstrap 5 to ensure a responsive and user-friendly design. Payments and donations are managed through the integration of Coinbase Commerce, enabling safe and reliable transactions with both credit cards and cryptocurrencies.

How to Use the Service

Using the Randomizer is simple. If you're in the mood for a surprise, click on the "Discover a Random Website" button. If you want to add your own site to the random selection, click on "Donate to Add Your Website". Once your donation is completed, your website will join the ranks of potential destinations for our users. It's a simple process with potential for great rewards.


The Randomizer, DevPicker's own random website generator, adds an exciting layer of spontaneity to the web browsing experience. It brings fresh and unexpected content to users while providing a unique promotional platform for website owners. So, why not take the leap into the unknown? Click and let the Randomizer guide you through the exciting maze of the internet.