Patch notes

July 2023


Image Color Picker

  • Fixed "Color palette" click not returning any values
  • Added "EyeDropper" to get specific color more easily - Works for chromium browsers right now

June 2023


  • Updated to new bootstrap 5.3.0
  • Navbar icons is now aligned with text and also have underline
  • "Buy Me a Coffee" is aligned correctly with other buttons
  • Fixed footer sometimes breaking website width
  • Added margins for blog headers, much better to read blog posts
  • Addded regex code design

May 2023


  • New names for categories and 2 position changes
  • Removed search from homepage, not very much use, maybe something better later
  • Removed weird icons appearing when navigating back, not worth fixing because that was weird feature anyway
  • Fixed last homepage tools item not being clickable, transparent div was overlapping it

NEW! Redirect Checker

  • Analyze URL redirections, status codes, total time, redirects count, HTTPS usage, and quick status visuals.

Text To Code Ratio

  • Clicking on enter will submit input
  • Removed automatic "https://" adding, it still does it but not for input
  • Added gauge chart for visualised data
  • Added "bytes" to text- and code length
  • Fixed websites with proxy infinite loop


  • Images are now fully visible, not cropping with weird look anymore
  • Changed font to use default bootstrap font
  • Updated php and javascript language syntax code
  • Updated all codes to not show extra space at the start


  • Added new subcategory Static Site Generators, which features Jekyll, Gatsby, Hugo, Next.js, Nuxt.js and Docusaurus
  • Fixed fonts subcategory not loading logos sometimes

April 2023

RSS blog

  • Added option to use our rss blog data, updated every 24h

Code highlight

  • Every new code posted on this website will be now highlighted correctly
  • Added option to copy easily


  • Blog, yeah, that's pretty much it
  • Cool and interesting latest news, code snippets, recommendations and other related to development
  • Added to homepage also

Random YouTube Video Generator

  • Added option to enter your own search query
  • Added video title, duration, upload date and channel name as extra info
  • Updated blog text

Random Lottery Number Generator

  • Fixed missing element if open with mobile
  • Added copy function for numbers
  • Numbers are generated automatically on first page load

Random Number Generator

  • Number is automatically generated on first page load
  • Added copy function for number

NEW! Slugify, clean your URL for SEO

  • URL slugification tool allows you to easily convert your input into a slugified output
  • Option to remove stop words or numbers
  • Switch between dash (-) and underscore (_)


February 2023

NEW! Text-To-Code ratio

  • Checks your entered website code (HTML) and text ratio, bigger ratio, better for SEO

January 2023


  • Added text border to some input fields, better visibility
  • Removed "Latest tools" dropdown, totally pointless
  • Removed sidebar for frontpage

Image Color Picker

  • Added option to paste your copied image
  • Fixed color palette showing wrong color code on click

Random Country

  • Added population and region as new parameters
  • Updated currencies to show short tag and name, eg: (USD - $) or (EUR - €)
  • Added google maps button to end of input field


  • Added 2 new subcategories: bootstrap and wordpress
  • Every page has now correct title with header showing what page you're on
  • Fixed weird glitch for mobiles where last item was under footer
  • Added description