Patch notes

February 2023

NEW! Text-To-Code ratio

  • Checks your entered website code (HTML) and text ratio, bigger ratio, better for SEO

January 2023


  • Added text border to some input fields, better visibility
  • Removed "Latest tools" dropdown, totally pointless
  • Removed sidebar for frontpage

Image Color Picker

  • Added option to paste your copied image
  • Fixed color palette showing wrong color code on click

Random Country

  • Added population and region as new parameters
  • Updated currencies to show short tag and name, eg: (USD - $) or (EUR - €)
  • Added google maps button to end of input field


  • Added 2 new subcategories: bootstrap and wordpress
  • Every page has now correct title with header showing what page you're on
  • Fixed weird glitch for mobiles where last item was under footer
  • Added description

December 2022


  • Updated to new bootstrap version
  • Updated navbar and footer colors to little darker scheme

Password Strength Meter

  • Added option to see your password general strength, is it strong enough if it leaks or somehow needs to be protected


  • Every page has now different SEO title and description
  • Fixed card padding for mobile screens

Random Youtube Video Generator

  • Added video placeholder to stop page jumping
  • Removed langauges and topic options, youtube takes lot more quota for that
  • Also returns correct error messages if there is something wrong in backend
  • Added loading animation to button for random youtube video generator


  • Fixed "reply" scrolling to top of the page
  • Fixed fields width for smaller screens
  • Added option to include email, just for maybe asking more information (never spam, promise)
  • Name and email is remembered to localStorage