Cash In on Custom GPT Agents – OpenAI’s Total Game Changer

  • January 6, 2024
  • 4 min read

Seriously, how insane is it that AI is evolving so fast? We’re diving into a major money-making chance that’s got the AI world buzzing – selling your own custom GPT agents on OpenAI's platform. Let me break it down so you can get rich!

Chat GPT Goes Viral with 100 Million Daily Users

OpenAI’s Chat GPT exploded to over 100 million daily active users in just one year. Not only are the numbers wild, but OpenAI is opening up chances for devs across the globe.

Next week, OpenAI lets devs make bank selling custom GPT agents:

Get just 1% of those users to pay $1/month for your agent? Ka-ching – there’s your first $1 million!

Building Custom Agents is Super Easy

Seriously, making a custom GPT agent is crazy simple:

  1. Go to My GPTs

  2. Click Create a GPT

  3. Add instructions and convo starters

  4. Upload any special sauce data (optional)

  5. Release it next week, market it, and count your cash!

It’s so easy that the GPT store will get flooded with junk. But quality will stand out from the noise!

Google’s Bard Advanced Rumors Heat Up Competition

Rumors are flying about Google's Bard Advanced – maybe a paid tier and developer marketplace? For now, these are just rumors, but the tech community is buzzing with anticipation. As AI becomes a more integral part of our daily lives, companies like Google are pushing the boundaries of what's possible. Bard Advanced, speculated to be the next big thing in AI, could bring unprecedented changes to the way we interact with technology.

The Revenue Split Question

No clue yet how profits get split between devs and OpenAI. Will it be Apple’s 70/30 split? Or less since OpenAI does the heavy lifting? Either way there’ll be a leaderboard for top agents = mad money for great solutions!

The introduction of a leaderboard adds an exciting competitive edge to the marketplace. This isn't just about recognition; it's about incentivizing innovation and rewarding excellence. Developers creating top-performing solutions could see substantial financial gains, driving a surge in high-quality, creative AI applications. This competitive environment could quickly elevate the standard of offerings in the marketplace.

Killer GPT App Ideas to Get Rich

Brainstorming the next AI killer app is key. OpenAI already has creative agents, like one making custom die cut stickers.

But here’s some free ideas from me:

  • Smart Home Concierge: Controls smart home devices, like heating floors when you shower (with voice? connected to your thermostat?)

  • AI Stockbroker: Investment advice + auto trading with Alpaca API

  • Green Thumb Assistant: Offers gardening advice and plant care tips using some API? Or just GPT logic

  • Personal Trainer: Brutally honest (and maybe mean) fitness coach API

Alright those ideas kinda suck said out loud. So how 'bout we “adapt” cool existing AI SaaS instead and slap it on the GPT store as our own!

My million dollar idea: Introducing "GPT Genie": Your Wish-Granting AI Idea Factory

Get ready to laugh and brainstorm with "GPT Genie" – a whimsically self-aware AI designed to help you come up with the most amusing and off-the-wall ideas for new GPT applications.

The charm of "GPT Genie" lies in its playful approach:

  1. AI Idea Generator: At the push of a button, "GPT Genie" spits out wild, wacky, and sometimes surprisingly viable ideas for new GPT applications.

  2. Meta Humor: It's an AI that knows it's an AI, often cracking jokes about its own existence and the absurdity of some of its ideas.

Interacting with "GPT Genie" is a blast:

// Just ask: "GPT Genie, what's a funny GPT app idea?"
// Prepare for a response that could be anything from "AI-powered socks sorter" to "virtual debate club with historical figures"

Deploy "GPT Genie" and offer a fun, creative, and engaging way for users to brainstorm and laugh at the absurd possibilities of AI. It's like having a brainstorming buddy who never runs out of ideas (or jokes)!

And we get rich together! ?

The Road Ahead: Fortune Favours the Bold

There you have it – a chance to change the AI game and make bank! Find a unique valuable need in GPT ecosystem. With some smarts + code you might just build the next big thing!

We’ve journeyed into the newest AI gold rush. Can’t wait to see what pops up on that leaderboard!

Innovation is the ability to see change as an opportunity – not a threat.

- Steve jobs

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